Promo Applied: 20% OFF EVERYTHING WITH FREE SHIPPING! Giving Program Request

Our goal is to empower the people and organizations dedicated to keeping our communities strong by awarding in-kind donations in the form of substantial discounts off our products.

In exchange for receiving a Giving Program discount, we request that a signage partner logo be printed in the bottom corner of selectprinted items. Declining to approve of logo recognition does not make you ineligible to apply but may result in a lesser discount.

Please allow 2 business days for your request to be processed.

*Organization Name *Organization Website *Organization City, State
*Your Name And Title *Phone Number *Email Address
*Please describe the event and reason for submitting a Giving Program Request
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*Delivery Date
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*Brief Overview of products needed
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*Do you agree to have the BAS logo printed on your signage?
*How did you hear about the Giving Program
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