Why a Neon sign is right for you.

For over one hundred years neon signs have been helping businesses draw in customers with their alluring gaseous displays. Cities such as Manhattan and Las Vegas have long been popular travel destinations due to their vintage neon signs. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a stock neon sign for your business.

Visual Magnet
Neon signs are the most visible signs at night and can be seen further away than any other sign. Neon's vibrant colors can shine through the dark, rain, and fog to draw attention from potential customers. Neon signs exclusively carry a nostalgic value. It grabs attention due to a unique spectral output of its light which affects the viewers optic nerve differently than other light sources. The distinctive reddish-orange color of glowing neon is something everyone can recognize.

Cost-effective and Durable
Neon signs are affordable and long lasting. Neon signs do not contain any filament like an ordinary light bulb, therefore can illuminate your business for more than 40,000 hours. Unlike its counterparts, Neon burns for over 15 years without brightness or color degradation and requires low maintenance.

Despite advancements in technology, neon signs are still handcrafted to make each sign unique. The manufacturing process is largely manual. Artisans take glass tubes that have been filled with a gas, and bend it into the shape of letters or decorative designs. Neon's unique formation is one of the reason's why it has been able to stay competitive against alternative lighting sources.

Energy Efficient
A common misconception of Neon signs is that it is less energy efficient than LED. The major difference between Neon and LED lies in the difference in its brightness, measured in lumen. From comparable LED and Neon signs, the best white LEDs produce 10-20 lumen for every Watt consumed while 6500K white neon produces 35-45 lumen per Watt. LEDs would actually need to consume 2-8 times more energy per linear foot to achieve equal brightness of a 6500K neon.

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  • Why a Neon sign is right for you.

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