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512-685-6828 Uses Strangeloop Networks™ AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance To Optimize Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX Applications
Leading Online Custom Sign Maker Speeds Up Website Performance While Scaling To A National And International Level

VANCOUVER, B.C. - May 28, 2008- Strangeloop Networks ™ Inc., a leading provider of solutions that accelerate dynamic web applications developed with Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework or which rely on web services, today announced that™, the leading e-retailer of custom signs, is using Strangeloop’s AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance to accelerate its customer facing applications as the business grows both nationally and internationally, and demands on its website increase.

BuildASign.comTM has reinvented the way people buy signs by taking the entire process online. With its innovative website and interactive design tool, both individual and corporate customers can design, proof, and buy a variety of sign products in less than five minutes. What used to require the assistance of expensive design firms and complicated software can now be done in just a few quick, easy and cost-effective steps online. With BuildASign.comTM’s web-based production system, each customer’s completely unique signage is produced and manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications in an extremely fast, high quality manner.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the richest features and the quickest website possible to help them create their custom signs exactly the way they want them and receive them extremely quickly,” said Orion Jensen, Technical Operations Manager at BuildASign.comTM. “The Strangeloop AS1000 appliance has given us the ability to speed up our website performance, even as our customer base increases and our business grows. It took less than 30 minutes to deploy, and the website improvements were immediate. Our developers can continue to focus on building important new website features instead of worrying about performance issues, helping BuildASign.comTM continue to deliver excellent products and services to our customers.”

The Strangeloop AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance is an easy and immediate solution to the inevitable performance challenges that companies using ASP.NET applications face. The appliance sits in-line between a company’s web servers and the network, and automatically optimizes ASP.NET and AJAX traffic, in real-time, with no changes to the code, the datacenter or the network infrastructure. The Strangeloop AS1000 improves the performance and scalability of dynamic web applications by intelligently reading requests and applying ASP.NET and AJAX software optimization techniques in the network, reducing payload sizes and browser and server compute times, resulting in decreased bandwidth needs and increased transaction capacity, ultimately speeding up web performance and enhancing end-user satisfaction.

“ has taken a bricks-and-mortar concept entirely online, including the design, manufacturing and shipping processes. They have been tremendously successful using Microsoft’s ASP.NET and AJAX framework to rapidly deliver an extremely rich and interactive application,” said Jonathan Bixby, chief executive officer of Strangeloop. “In almost all cases, however, it is this very success and additional business growth that ends up causing performance issues. The Strangeloop AS1000 gives them the ability to ensure exceptional application performance for their customers and, at the same time, to keep expanding successfully.”

Founded in 2005, Austin, Texas-based™, an innovator in the custom sign industry, makes it possible for customers to design proof and purchase their signs online in minutes. With their state of the art online design tool,™ has made it easier than ever to create great-looking customized signs without the need for a graphic designer or expensive design software.™ continues to separate itself from its competition with its record turnaround time. Most orders are shipped within2 24 hours and signs usually arrive in 3-5 business days. Offering a variety of high-quality custom products such as yard signs, banners, magnets and flags,™ is continuously growing its product suite to maintain its status as a disruptor in the sign industry.

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The Strangeloop Networks products accelerate dynamic web applications with unique, framework-specific solutions that require minimal changes to software coding and hardware infrastructure, freeing developers to focus on providing enterprises with value-added features. With the Strangeloop AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance for Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX and the Strangeloop WS1000 Web Services Accelerator, enterprises dramatically shorten code cycles, improve application performance and throughput, more efficiently use bandwidth, achieve greater return on their investment in information technology (IT) staff, network and computing resources and boost customer satisfaction. Strangeloop is based in Vancouver, B.C. For more information, visit