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Aluminum Signs

Looking For A Proven Strategy To Enhance Your Business' Visibility?

Exude professionalism and credibility by getting customized aluminum signs made by BuildASign.. Create your own unique graphics by choosing colors and backgrounds that will set you apart and help people recognize your brand.


About Our Custom Aluminum Signs

We offer an array of bespoke aluminum signs that can be restyled to your preference. Get as crafty and creative as possible while picking colors, changing texts, and adding illustrations. Here are some benefits of ordering with BuildASign:


Our aluminum signs set us apart from our competition as we guarantee that our signs will not rust, regardless of the weather conditions they are in. Our aluminum signs are made of high quality materials and coated before printing to help keep the print durable for years.


Imagine getting a bulk order of custom aluminum signs only to realize that they are not UV-resistant. A great quality of our custom aluminum signs is that they are printed using UV fade resistant ink so that the text ensures high visibility and the colors do not fade even after being outdoors in direct sunlight.

Anti-Scratch Glossy Protective Coating

After designing your sign, depending on the material you’ve chosen, you should see one or two finishing options for selecting a protective coating. Our basic protective glossy coating is highly recommended, as it serves two major purposes, it is an anti-scratch coating to prevent scratches from weather debris outside, or people scratching with their fingernail. It also makes your colors even more vibrant and saturated as the laminate coating seeps into the print for a beautiful display. Our Premium protective glossy coating adds an extra layer of laminate for those who want an even higher end look to their sign with extra protection - this is highly recommended for professional real estate signs, and we are extremely proud of how beautiful the premium coating custom prints look!

Super Handy

We make heavy duty, yet portable aluminum signs that do not require an army to lift and maneuver through a room. Since these signs are super handy, and lightweight, you can easily place them indoors or outdoors. They are quick and easy to display and assemble in metal frames or onto posts.

Single And Double Sided

A single-sided side will be of great value if you mount a sign on a flat surface. However, you can also choose to get illustrations on both sides of your aluminum sign. You can copy the front of your design to the back to match exactly, or you can easily fully customize a different backside design using our easy online design tool. This will help increase the visibility of your message and ensure that it is entirely noticeable.


Displaying Your Sign

We offer a variety of different ways to display your aluminum sign. You’ll have the option on most sizes to select drilled holes for your sign, depending on the type of hardware you plan to use for displaying your sign.

Our most popular hardware for displaying aluminum signs is our selection of metal sign frames, which is ideal for holding signs in a yard such as real estate signs or contractor signs.

If you’re ordering parking signs or street signs or something that needs to be displayed on a post, we recommend our selection of posts and brackets that are ideal for this use case. Our most popular of this group is the 6’ galvanized U-channel post in green.


Cleaning & Care

To ensure that your aluminum signs last longer, clean them gently with lukewarm water and a washcloth. Do not use any acid-based substances on your aluminum signs.


Aluminum Material Options

All of our aluminum options below are printed with UV fade resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight and keep signs looking colorful and vibrant for years. They will not rust, and are weather resistant to withstand typical rain, high heat, and cold weather conditions.

Aluminum .040

Aluminum .040 is our base level aluminum option, and our most popular. Our .040 aluminum is comparable to the thickness of a dime and has rounded corners for safety. The aluminum is painted white and coated to minimize corrosion.

Aluminum .063

Similar qualities to our .040 but upgraded to a more heavy-duty .063 thickness. This gives these signs additional durability for outdoors. The aluminum also has rounded corners for safety and a professional look, and is painted white and coated to minimize corrosion. This is our recommended option for aluminum.


3M Reflective Aluminum

Opt for our 3M official reflective aluminum for high visibility in the evening and night. The high visibility reflective surface meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs. We offer this in both 3M official reflective aluminum thicknesses of .040 and .080.

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum Composite or Alumacore is composed of two pieces of .020 aluminum surrounding a piece of corrugated plastic. The sandwiched corrugated plastic acts as a cushion to help prevent denting. Printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight. Rustproof, water resistant and rot proof. Stands up to environmental temp extremes (hot and cold). This is a good choice for any long term construction sites or business advertisements that need extra durability.