Customer Love

Our Customer Love team goes beyond what people expect from a company by using new and creative ways to satisfy the customer. Customer Love is about doing whatever it takes to give the customer exactly what they want. Find out more about the culture of BuildASign at www.youtube.com/buildasign or call us at 1-800-330-9622.


Customer Love Notes


Brandy helped Michele order a banner for her mother Ruth’s 90th birthday. The banner was for a party that would have over 100 people in attendance! She was touched to hear that Ruth had also just celebrated her 60th anniversary with her husband.

I sent her some scapbooking materials so she could gather information about her mother’s life and share with all in attendance!


Erin got a call from Lauren, who loved her sign so much she had to order again. Erin found out that the signs we for an organization called Big Dog Ranch Rescue that takes in unwanted dogs to prevent them from being euthanized and takes care of them until they can find an owner.

I wanted to send the dogs some love from BuildASign, so I ordered some tennis balls to be delivered to the ranch.



Gerald called Spring for help recreating a bumper sticker he saw in the movie Spaceballs, his favorite. While talking with Spring, Gerald mentioned how much he wished he had a Winnebago like in the movie.

I decided to make him a static cling with the Winnebago in space and sent it to him!


Sheri spoke to a customer who needed help ordering a wedding banner for her niece. They were getting married soon and were ecstatic.

I managed to find out where they were registered and bought an item from their bridal registry to be shipped with best wishes from BuildASign to celebrate their big day!


Anne Marie was excited about the banners she had ordered of her son to celebrate his birthday. He was having a Godzilla Gala and she had created a few banners with the two of them welcoming guests to the party.

I loved the banner, and am a movie monster lover, so I wanted to celebrate her son's birthday too. I decided the best thing we could do was send him some figurines of the iconic monster.