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Parking Sign Pricing

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18" x 12" (Holes for Parking Signs)

Custom Parking Signs

About our Custom Parking Signs

We offer a wide variety of custom parking signs, including but not limited to reserved parking signs, NO parking signs, takeout parking, visitor parking, limited time parking, tow zone signs, and speed limit signs. In addition to the many design options readily available on our site, BuildASign provides extra values if you choose to order with us:

Fast Production and Shipping

All of our signs are printed using a digital print process that allows us to quickly and efficiently produce signs on demand. We strive to have orders printed the business day after they are ordered so they can be shipped out post haste! If you have a super short timeline, and need a super fast turn time, check out our expedited shipping options at checkout. We offer shipping via 2nd Day and Next Day Air for super speedy delivery! If you do not need your signs in a rush, feel free to take advantage of our standard and rush shipping options that are offered at lower price points.

Durability Designed For Long Lasting Outdoor Use

Our parking signs are available in aluminum and 3M™ reflective aluminum, so they are sturdy and durable! Custom parking signs are delivered to you pre-drilled with holes top and bottom so they can be securely mounted to a pole or wall for long term displaying. All custom parking signs are printed using UV inks that help prevent fading and color loss due to extended sunlight exposure.

Fully Customizable Parking Signs

Many parking signs are standardized (e.g. handicap parking signs), but if you have a need for a partially or fully custom sign, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive design library has many traditional parking sign designs that can be ordered as is, or customized fully to meet any special requirements/needs you may have. Edit text, change colors, add clipart or completely create a design unique to you, it is all possible in our online design tool!

Parking Sign Specifications

Size Options Available

BuildASign provides custom parking signs in two sizes: 18”x12” and 24”x18” (all dimensions are height by width). Be sure to check with local authorities to ensure there are no restrictions or guidelines on the size of your signs before you order!

Parking Sign Materials and Add Ons

While all of our custom parking signs are aluminum based, there are still many options available to you as you create your sign!

Aluminum signs are the standard go to in the parking sign space. They are our most economical sign option while being durable with a long lifespan, even when used exclusively outside. An optional upsell to our aluminum signs is our protective coatings. Our standard protective glossy coating is a scratch resistant coating that both extends the life of the sign and makes colors more vibrant! Premium protective glossy coating is a double dose of our standard coating, and will make your sign as durable as possible!

3M™ reflective aluminum signs have the additional benefit of high visibility in the evening or nighttime hours. Reflective aluminum signs can be leveraged in dimly lit parking garages or on dark roads to make sure drivers see your message. Our reflective aluminum signage meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs.

Caring For Your Custom Parking Signs

As with any item left outside, your custom parking signs may accumulate dirt and dust over time. We recommend using a soft cloth and lukewarm water to wipe away any dirt polluting your sign. There is no need to use soap or harsh chemicals, as these could damage your sign and reduce its lifespan.

Parking Sign Material Options

Standard Aluminum

Most traditional parking signs are printed on aluminum. Ready to hang with predrilled holes, aluminum is a logical choice for its durability, rust resistance, and ability to endure outdoors. Our most economical aluminum is our 0.040 aluminum. With thickness comparable to a dime, it is durable and considered suitable for multi-use signage. Our thicker 0.063 aluminum material is a longer lasting aluminum that has an extended expected lifespan as it can endure harsher environments than our standard 0.040 aluminum. Both aluminum options are eligible for our protective glossy coating finishing, which will result in a more robust sign with more vibrant colors! All aluminum signs will come with rounded corners for a sleek finished look and safety while handling.

3M™ Reflective Aluminum

3M™ reflective aluminum is the perfect option for signs that need to be visible at night with reflectivity. Our reflective aluminum signs meet ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs and are ready for extensive use outdoors. This material will not rust, and is offered in two different thicknesses: 0.040 reflective aluminum and 0.080 reflective aluminum. If you are looking for our most long lived sign, 0.080 3M™ reflective aluminum has an average lifespan of 5-7 years! Reflective aluminum parking signs come ready to mount, with predrilled holes top and bottom center.