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Custom Feather Flags

Custom feather flags, also known as feather banners, are the perfect way to advertise and draw attention to your business. We offer the options you need to advertise both indoor or outdoor, with multiple options for feather banner bases as well as both single-sided and double-sided printing to make sure your advertisement is covered from all angles!

Our feather banners are printed with UV resistant ink to prevent fading in the sunlight and are very outdoor durable with a strong 3.24 oz. polyester fabric material. These banner flags are also very lightweight and easy to transport. When you buy the pole kits, you also get a travel carry-case bag with it to make traveling with your flag easy and convenient. 


Flag Printing Options 


Single Sided -  Feather flag is printed on a single piece of fabric.The design bleeds through to the other side of the flag, though not as opaque as the front side.

Double Sided -  Feather flag is printed on two pieces of flag fabric sewn together with a blocker fabric in-between the printed sides so both flag sides will have correct orientation by flipping arrows and text to be easily legible on the other side.


Feather Flag Stand Options

Indoor flags and outdoor flags are easy to assemble with the pole bases below. After you design your custom feather flags, you will have the option to choose which base best suits your needs for staking into the ground with one of our ground stakes, or holding flat to the ground indoors with a cross stand. If you need to place a flag outdoors but not in the ground, then opt for the cross stand which has a water base to fill up that will hold your banner flags base steady to the ground to prevent tipping over from breeze.  

Ground Stake - Inserts banner flags pole directly into the ground to hold your feather flag sturdy.

Cross Stand Base - Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Includes water bag which weighs down the feather banners base.


Available Sizes

We cover a full range of sizes for our feather banners listed below from shortest to tallest. Our sizes are based on the full flag stand height. The fabric flags themselves are approximately 2 feet shorter than the stand to keep it off the ground.

Sizes: 6ft x 2ft,  8ft x 2ft,  10ft x 2.5ft,  12ft x 2.5ft, and 15ft x 3ft



Installation & Cleaning  

Buying through BuildASign gives you an advantage of being able to use your feather flags for a long time. When your flag gets dirty from outdoor debris, rainy weather, or anything else, rest assured that our feather flags are machine washable. Just allow the flag to air dry after and your flag should look clean and professional again. Installing is also simple with our easy to assemble flag poles and bases explained above.


Flag Pole Pocket Options

After designing your custom feather flags, you will have the option to choose between our default white pole pocket or upgrade to a black fabric pole pocket to match the professional style and look that best meshes with your business colors.

feather flag pole pckets


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Feather Flag Pricing

Flag Size 6ft x 2ft 8ft x 2ft 10ft x 2.5ft 12ft x 2.5ft 15ft x 3ft
Price (Each Flag)