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Custom Political Signs

Take Your Campaign To The Next Level With Political Yard Signs

A successful election campaign wouldn't be complete without political signs. Use BuildASign's collection of vote worthy products to augment your election campaign.

We offer you a variety of sign sizes, materials, and fully customizable campaign sign designs to accurately portray your image and message while staying within your campaign's budget.

If you're running for office or working on a ballot initiative or referendum, you can get inspiration from the hundreds of design ideas we've created for your political yard sign needs.


Superior Value Delivered With Expertise

Get a unique and striking political signs delivered to you in a flash. When you work with us at BuildASign, you get to take advantage of:

Speedy Shipping

In politics, time is everything, and we've got it down to a science. Don’t be the last candidate to get their name on the streets, be one of the first! For this reason, we provide expedited shipping options, including next-day shipment, to accommodate the tempo of your campaign. When you order today, our goal is to ship it the next business day, no matter what shipping method you choose at checkout.

One Stop Shop for Political Products

Winning an election relies heavily on getting one's name out there in the public eye. So, in addition to political signs, we also offer additional products like political banners, magnets, bumper stickers, and more to help you promote your campaign anywhere!

Extensive Range Of Templates

Your political sign must be distinctive to stand out, and we get that. Therefore, we provide various customizable political sign templates to suit your needs from state campaign signs to local election signs, we’ve got a design for that! All of our designs are fully customizable, so if you see one for a different category that you like, no worries, just edit it to say whatever message you’d like to get across to potential voters!

Weather & Fade-Resistant Signage

We print our signs with UV fade resistant inks, so we can prevent the signs from fading in the sun and extend the life of the print. Also, our campaign yard signs materials are tested for outdoor durability to ensure typical weather conditions like rain or high heat are withstandable. Our most common and most inexpensive political sign material, corrugated plastic, can typically last 12-18 months under most circumstances, while our aluminum signs typically last for years.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Our customer service team is here to help you at every step to ensure your unique requirements are met. Feel free to get in touch with us so that we can help you design a sign that is one-of-a-kind.

Single-Sided & Double-Sided

We know political signs are typically bought in bulk, and so we are always looking for ways to save you money. Depending on the sign's location, you can purchase either a single- or double-sided sign. If the front is facing a road and you don’t really need the back side print, save some campaign funds and stick with a single-sided sign.

Double-sided political signs are best for locations that can be seen from multiple angles. They are an excellent choice for use in the promotion of your political campaign.

Full Color Printing

Sometimes political sign locations can be crowded with competing candidates, so we understand the importance of creating political campaign yard signs that really stand out among the rest. The best way to do this is through a beautiful, unique, and eye-catching design! This is why we provide full-color printing options that will draw attention. We always recommend designing with contrasting hues that are easy on the eyes. To make your signs super vibrant, we highly recommend opting for our premium glossy coating which really makes colors pop with vibrancy and gives your sign a more professional look to stand out from the crowd.


Installation And Care

With the help of BuildASign, putting up signs is now a breeze. You won't have to waste much time figuring out the setup process.

We only use high-quality materials to construct our signs so that they will last a very long time. In general, the upkeep for most signage is low. When signs are not in use, store the signs flat and tidy.


Various methods exist for installing or hanging our political yard signs, but the most popular for political signs is our wire stakes. These easily slide into the corrugated fluting on corrugated plastic signs and easily stake into the ground without much pressure applied. You will be given the option to purchase wire stakes with your signs as you check out. If you need a different amount of wire stakes than the amount of signs, we have you covered, just buy your wire stakes separately through our wire stakes accessories page.

For those ordering aluminum political signs, we highly recommend the black metal sign frames which are also easy to assemble by just sliding the signs into the provided slots.


Material Options

Corrugated Plastic - Recommended!

This is our most popular material for political signs. Our 4mm corrugated plastic signs are easy to setup at any eligible political sign location. We recommend ordering wire stakes with corrugated plastic so that you just have to slide the wire stake into the corrugated flutes of the sign and push into the ground, it only takes seconds! These are fast to assemble, easy to pickup, and are durable outdoors for several months. Under most circumstances they will last 12-18 months. Printed with UV inks, these signs are fade resistantand should retain their colors. We highly recommend selecting our premium coating for the superbly vibrant colors and anti-scratch durability. These are lightweight to transport, even in bulk, and are ideal for custom political yard signs.

Aluminum & Reflective

Some political candidates need a more durable material for their area, and for that we recommend aluminum signs. These signs are long lasting and durable. Our .040 aluminum is comparable to the thickness of a dime and has rounded corners for safety and a professional appearance. You can also upgrade to even thicker .063 aluminum thickness for more durability. Similar to corrugated plastic, these are printed with UV inks to prevent fading and will not rust. We recommend using our metal frames for displaying these signs. These DO NOT work with wire stakes as there is no fluting for the stakes to slide into. Aluminum signs are flat and smooth to the touch. We also offer official 3M reflective aluminum for signs that need to be highly visible at night with reflectivity. Our 3M official Reflective Aluminum has a high visibility reflective surface that meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs. We offer this in both .040 and .080 thickness.


Aluminum Composite

Aluminum Composite or Alumacore is composed of two pieces of .020 aluminum surrounding a piece of corrugated plastic. The sandwiched corrugated plastic acts as a cushion to help prevent denting. Printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight. Stands up to environmental temp extremes (hot and cold). This is a good choice for any longer term signage.


Our matte finish 3mm thick PVC foam board makes a perfect professional indoor campaign sign. There are no fluting or corrugated lines on the PVC which makes it a more sophisticated, smooth looking sign for indoors. It cannot be used with a wire stake, but can be held with any sign easel or frame that fits the dimensions of the board. We do not recommend this for outdoor signage.