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Discount Custom Street Signs

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5" x 18"

Custom Street Signs

Our fully customizable street signs are popular among private communities and shopping centers where unique personalized style and fun relatable street names can add ambience and enhance the experience.

Our personalized street signs are also popular as keepsake novelty street signs for a perfect gift or as an addition to your personal space such as an office or a bedroom door. These fun name street signs can really make a space fun and feel more personal.

Here are some product specifications for our street signs:

Fully Customizable

Regardless of what your needs are, BuildASign has you covered. You can customize the background colors, text and choose your desired font style and size, and even upload images and graphics. Moreover, you can also choose between a variety of colors, as well as standard or extruded street signs. The more unique your street sign is, the prouder you will be.

The standard street signs size is 5” x 18” and that is what we default to on our street signs design templates to get you started, but if you want to expand the size larger to fill a specific space we have other size options available to you such as 6” x 18” or 6” x 24” and larger.

Single and Double Sided

Save money when you plan to display this with just one side showing and choose a single-sided sign, or upgrade to double-sided if you are using this in a place where it is visible from all angles.

We allow you to fully customize the front and back side independent of each other, but to make it easy, we will copy the front design to the back for you to get started when you choose double-sided.

Durable & Fade Resistant

All custom street signs are printed with UV fade resistant ink to avoid fading in sunlight. Especially if you are using this on the street as a custom road sign or traffic signs, you want to make sure that it doesn’t easily fade from being out in the sun.

We highly recommend upgrading from corrugated plastic to aluminum if you are using these on the road to direct traffic, as aluminum is more durable due to the thickness and strength of the material.

Street Sign Post Installation

After designing your custom street signs, we’ll present you with some options for displaying your sign on a post for those who are using this as a custom road sign. We recommend the 6’ U-Channel post which includes a heavy duty bracket to assemble your sign and easily install it wherever you need. Browse our variety of street sign posts and brackets and find the best option for your space. If you have any questions about assembling your sign, just give our customer care team a call at 1-800-330-9622.


Street Sign Material Options

Aluminum .040

Aluminum .040 is ideal for basic street signs. Their weatherproof and rigid qualities allow versatility in all settings. Our .040 aluminum is comparable to the thickness of a dime and has rounded corners for safety and a professional appearance. Printed with UV inks, our aluminum is fade resistant to keep your signs vibrant! The aluminum is painted white and coated to minimize corrosion, and will not rust.

Aluminum .063

Similar to our .040 but thicker. Upgrade to our .063 aluminum thickness for more durability with a more heavy-duty material. This is our recommended option for street signs that do not need to be reflective.


3M Reflective Aluminum

Opt for our 3M official reflective aluminum for high reflective visibility at night. The high visibility reflective surface meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs. We offer this in both 3M official reflective aluminum thicknesses of .040 and .080. These are also printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight and will not rust.

Corrugated Plastic

Our 4mm corrugated plastic signs are our most inexpensive option for street signs. Similar to aluminum, these will be printed with UV inks to be fade resistant to sunlight. These are very lightweight and easy to display. They are corrugated so they do not have the completely smooth look of our aluminum, but they are a great value when you need something more temporary for cheap.


Installation and Care for Your Street Signs

We provide our clients with all the necessary equipment to install street signs. The installation is fuss-free and not complicated at all so you do not need a professional to do it for you.

If your street sign gets grimy after a few years, you can gently wipe off excess dirt with lukewarm water and a washcloth for corrugated plastic signs or aluminum signs.