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Custom Banners


Get Noticed, Draw Bigger Crowds, & Get New Custom Banners

Personalized banners are an easy way to increase visibility for your business. Custom banners can help you grab the attention of prospects or passersby, even in high-traffic events or situations like trade shows.

Promote new hours of operation or the latest holiday sale; custom banners are a perfect go-to source to draw more crowds and new custom bannersers. From trade shows and shops to restaurants, our custom banners are an affordable way to share your message in a big way!


What Makes Our Custom Banners The Best


100% Fully Custom Designs

We give you the flexibility and freedom to create a banner design that is unique to you and your business! Select any of our design templates and fully custom bannersize them according to your business vision, even in any of our sizes! You can also start from scratch, meaning start with a completely blank design, and utilize our variety of clipart, text, colors and ease of uploading images within our online banner designer.

Fade Resistant Banner Printing

All of our banner printing is with UV inks to prevent fading from sun exposure, so feel confident that your banner colors will remain vivid whether indoors near a window that gets a lot of light, or hanging outdoors in the beaming sun. After all, our company was founded in Texas, so you know we understand how to make sure our banners can handle the heat!

Durable Outdoors And Long-Lasting

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, our personalized banners are meticulously manufactured to ensure durability and reliability. We offer you options such as hemmed edges and grommets for reinforcing and an easy way to hang. Our custom bannersized banners come in a variety of material options so you can choose the right banner for whatever weather condition. Read more about our material options below.

Weather Resistant Materials

Our custom banners and mesh banners are all durable in outdoor weather including water resistant to rainy weather. For very rainy conditions, we highly recommend our standard vinyl material, and for very windy locations, we recommend the mesh banner material which has holes to allow air flow (perfect for hanging on fences with holes near parks and construction sites).

Versatile, Easy To Care And Set Up

Build A Sign offers a range of horizontal and vertical size options to ensure versatility and flexibility. Our quality custom banners look good in indoor and outdoor settings. Moreover, they can be used standalone or as part of your large-scale advertising campaigns. They are easy to install and clean. You can easily reuse and reposition our banners several times without any tear. Also, our personalized banners require no cleaners/cleaning solutions because a soft, wet cloth does the job nicely.


Material Information


Custom Banners

Our standard custom banners are made of 13 oz. vinyl. They have a matte finish and are great for distance advertising. These have a 1000 x 1000 Denier. The most popular Vinyl Banner size is 3ft x 8ft and 4ft x 8ft but we have a wide variety of sizes to choose from. These work indoors or outdoors, and are printed with UV resistant ink to prevent fading from sunlight.

Premium Custom Banners

Premium custom banners are made of 12 oz. smooth vinyl with a 300 x 300 denier and have a sheen surface.. Because of the smoother surface compared to our standard vinyl banner offering, we highly recommend premium banners for uses where the banner will be viewed up close instead of far away. It has a more professional look than our standard banners, and is the best option for uploaded art/photos to look great up close.. This lightweight material is easy to transport, and easy to display. Premium banners are printed with UV fade resistant inks.


Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are made of 9 oz. 100% polyester material coated with PVC. Our mesh provides 70% print surface for excellent color accuracy, the other 30% provides holes to allow air flow, which makes it perfect for outdoor use such as hanging on a fence, or putting somewhere with windy weather conditions. These have a 1000 x 1000 Denier, are printed with UV inks to prevent fading, and are flame resistant. They also are much less likely to rip in extremely windy conditions than are custom banners because the mesh material allows air to travel through the banner.

Fabric Banners

Our machine-washable fabric banners are printed on strong 6.49 oz. polyester fabric material that is crease and wrinkle resistant. These are 100% polyester with a sheen, smooth surface. we think these banners look the most professional for indoor use. These are lightweight, easy to fold and easy to transport. Our highest quality print for indoor banners, and can be used outdoors as well. Like with any fabric, it is less water resistant than our custom banners which we recommend for outdoors instead. These come hemmed on all 4 sides with grommets.Machine wash in cold water, line dry ONLY.


Retractable Banners - Favorite!

Our 12 oz vinyl Retractable Banners have a smooth finish and are printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading. Product comes fully pre-assembled to the base that allows you to easily pull out the banner and display.. Single or Double-Sided options available, as well as multiple base options to select from. Zip-up travel carrying case included. 1000 x 1000 Denier.


Our 12 oz vinyl X-banner material has a smooth finish and is printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading. This is the same material and inks used on our retractable banners, but with a different hardware for display. Banners are grommeted to attach to the corners of the X-back hardware. The hardware is a lightweight fiberglass frame weighing only about 5 lbs and perfect for travel. Includes a carrying case. You can buy the hardware separately if needed on our banner stand accessory page.


Popular Sizes & Options


Hanging Banners

Our most popular sizes for hanging banners are horizontal banners of 4’x8’, 3’x8’ or 3’x6’, but we have a very wide variety of sizes to choose from. Check out all of our sizes in the Size dropdown at the top of our page. For very long banners, we have options even up to 30ft available on the website.

Stand-Up Banners

We also have a wide variety of standing banners. The most popular is our retractable banners which you are probably familiar with if you’ve ever been to a tradeshow. These are banners that popup by being pulled out of a retractable base that contains the banner when not in use. Our standard size is 78” x 33”. We also offer X-banners as another easy to display option that is more lightweight. Another type of standing banners is our oversized banners which are typically used at events as a photo backdrop banner. Some people refer to these also as step and repeat banners as a very common design is showing a logo or a set of logos in a “step and repeat” pattern, a popular aesthetic for tradeshows and corporate parties and events.

Single-Sided & Double-Sided

Our single-sided custom banners are an effective, budget-friendly way to advertise anything. When choosing a single-sided design, you'll get a print on the front side of the banner. Our double-sided custom banners look perfect from all sides and angles. You can either choose the same design for both sides (front & back) or a different one for each side as per your goals or needs. These banners are perfect for parties, promotions, and more!


Installation & Care


Displaying or Hanging Your Banner

Setting up custom bannersized banners is a breeze, requiring no special skill or effort. You can either use bungees, strings, or cords to connect grommets (metal rings) to any stationary objects like poles, etc., or use strings/zip ties to attach between posts or fences. Properly installed custom banners can be left up year-round. Our retractable banners come pre-assembled for you, and our X-back banners come with the hardware to easily pop your banner into for a standing banner. We also offer banner stands for our oversized banners as you checkout.

Grommets and Hemming

Grommets (metal rings reinforcing holes) and hems (the process of bonding and folding together) help prevent custom banners from wear and tear, particularly when placed outside. They also help extend products' lifespan.


Our quality custom banners are easy to clean and care for. Take a piece of soft, wet cloth, dip it in the warm water and clean the banner. Leave it until it becomes completely dry and store it. For easy storing, it's best to roll banners and store them in room temperature areas. Fabric banners can be machine washed in cold water, but line dried only.