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Custom Flags For Your Custom Needs!


Trust Us With All Your Flag Needs!

Check out BuildASign’s custom flags and explore a fun way to express yourself! We have a variety of flag sizes and options and give you the power to design them exactly to your liking. At BuildASign, we strive to provide you with great quality flags at competitive prices. We’ve been printing and shipping flags for years, and hope you’ll consider us for your future flag needs.

About Our Custom Flags

Flags are an inherent part of all our lives. We see them on a daily basis, and with BuildASign you have an opportunity to fully customize a flag for whatever use you’re looking for! Flags can help advertise your business, draw attention to an event, or could be a fun gift for family or friends. Whatever your plans with your flag, here’s what we are proud to offer to all our customers:

High Quality Printing and Durable Products

We produce all of our custom flags in-house using state of the art digital printers and experienced sewers to make sure each flag is top notch quality. All flags are printed with UV treated ink, which will help your flag stay bright and eye-catching throughout its lifespan. Our flags are rated for outdoor use, and in normal weather conditions should last for many uses!

Our flags are made of 100% polyester and all flags come hemmed and reinforced on the left hand side with grommets installed for easy hanging.

Options And Accessories - A One Stop Shop

As you work to create your custom flag, you’ll be able to choose from a range of sizes! Sometimes you need a small flag, other times you want to make a big statement with a large flag.

In addition to flag size, we also offer both single and double sided flags. Single sided flags will be printed on one side, and the polyester fabric is thin enough for the design to be seen from the other side (in mirror). Single sided flags work best for novelty flags that do not require viewers to see both sides of the flag. Our double sided flags are essentially two of our single sided flags sewn together with a light blocking panel in between. This ensures that your flag has bright colors and is legible from both sides! We recommend our double sided flags for all flags that will be used on a flagpole or need to be visible from both sides.



Single Sided


Double Sided

If you’re looking for a way to display your flag, check out our optional Flag Hardware that includes a 6ft Spinner Flagpole and an adjustable flagpole bracket!

Get Started With Our Custom Designer

Our online design tool gives you full control over what goes on your flag. Add clip art, text, or upload your own images for printing! If you’re not sure where to start, check out our library of templates. There are ideas for sport flags, political flags, organization flags, school flags, and many more! Our templates provide a great starting point and, if you want, you’ll be able to edit them to make them truly your own.

Flag Care and Maintenance

Washing Your Custom Flag

If your flag ever becomes soiled and needs to be washed, wash in cold water using a normal cycle. Once the flag is washed, dry it for 10 minutes in the dryer on a low heat setting and then air dry until completely dry. If needed, you can iron your flag with an iron set on the nylon setting.

Notes To Help Extend Your Flags Lifespan

We recommend taking your flag off the pole and storing indoors during extreme weather. High winds in excess of 30 mph will increase the chance of your flag fraying or tearing. Flags that have frayed or become unstitched can be trimmed and re-hemmed to extend use.

If you need to store your flag, make sure it is completely dry before folding to help prevent mold/mildew growth on your stored flag.