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Custom Tablecloths


Get Noticed With Custom Tablecloths!

Our 100% personalized logo tablecloths, sometimes referred to as table throws or table covers, are a great way to impress the competition or create awareness for your business or organization!

Indoors or outdoors, we make it simple to design your logo and business name on fully customizable printed tablecloths. Tablecloths are popular for any event or tradeshow where you have a table setup. This turns a basic table into a professionally branded advertisement for those walking by. You've probably seen custom tablecloths before at job fairs, book fairs, farmers markets, tradeshows, charity events, conferences, and much more. It is one of the most cost effective ways to show off your branding and business at an event. 

Printed with Care

Fitted tablecloths are printed on 6.48oz polyester fabric, while Open and Closed back tablecloths are printed on either a 5.1 or 6.48 oz polyester fabric, all while using a a dye sublimation process. All of our tablecloths are full color, all over printing, meaning we do not limit the number of colors, nor the location of the design surface, allowing you full control over the location of text, logo, and colors.

Easy to Clean & Steam

Our custom tablecloths are machine-washable on a gentle cycle using cold water. We recommend line drying or tumble drying on a low heat setting. If you would like to remove any folds or creases, we recommend using a steamer, and NOT an iron.


Design Services

Whatever you need, we’ve got it! You can create a variety of customizable signs for your personal or business needs. You can design, customize and buy your signs online in just a few minutes. Here is more information on options for selecting the perfect custom yard signs for you.

Friendly DIY Online Design Process

Already have a logo or design? After selecting your desired product, simply start designing on a blank display and upload your image.

Looking for inspiration or design templates? We also offer an assortment of designs to make the design process simple to suit your needs. After choosing a design, tweak it by adding in your custom logo, personalized text, or branded colors.

Professional Design Help

Not sure where to start? We also offer Design Services to help you get noticed!


Tablecloth Options

4-Sided vs. 3-Sided



4-Sided Custom Tablecloth

Covers and drapes all 4 sides. Printable on 5 available surfaces (Front, Top, Left, Right, Back). Great for catching attention from all angles, but also a clever way to hide your promotional itmes or messy boxes for the event under your table.


3-Sided Custom Tablecloth

Covers & drapes 3 sides, leaving the back exposed.Printable on 4 available surfaces (Front, Top, Left, Right). Great for easy access to items under the table, leg room when sitting, and when you don't need a back side (when table is flush against a tradeshow display or wall.



Standard vs. Fitted



Standard Tablecloth

5.1 oz. or 6.4 oz. Polyester Fabric that hangs loosely off the table to the floor. Standard cloths are available in 3-sided and 4-sided options. Fully customizable, unlimited location, all over printing.



6.48 oz. Polyester Fabric that stretches to fit the table for a fitted cover look. Fitted cloths are available in 4-sided option only. Fully customizable, unlimited location, all over printing.



Artwork Information


Creating Your Own Designs? 

Download our templates below and create your files in the design software of your choice! For best quality, raster files should be at least 200ppi. Follow the guides in the template to keep text and images within the safety area and remember to delete the guide layer before saving your final file.

4' Tablecloths

Standard/Closed Back

  • Design Templates: PDF AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 78.95” x 103”
  • Finished Size: 78.95” x 103”
  • Safe Area: 78.95” x 103”

Open Back

  • Design Templates: PDF | AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 57.47” x 103”
  • Finished Size: 57.47” x 103”
  • Safe Area: 57.47” x 103”


  • Design Templates: PDF AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 83” x 107”
  • Finished Size: 82.57” x 106.56”
  • Safe Area: 80.82” x 104.78”
6' Tablecloths - Most Popular!

Standard/Closed Back

  • Design Templates: PDF | AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 83.97” x 126.50”
  • Finished Size: 83.97” x 126.50”
  • Safe Area: 83.97” x 126.50”

Open Back

  • Design Templates: PDF | AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 61.22” x 126.50”
  • Finished Size: 61.22” x 126.50”
  • Safe Area: 61.22” x 126.50”


  • Design Templates: PDF AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 89” x 131”
  • Finished Size: 88.5” x 130.5”
  • Safe Area: 86.49” x 128.49”


8' Tablecloths

Standard/Closed Back

  • Design Templates: PDF | AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 84” x 150.50”
  • Finished Size: 84” x 150.50”
  • Safe Area: 84” x 150.50”

Open Back

  • Design Templates: PDF | AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 61.25” x 150.47”
  • Finished Size: 61.25” x 150.47”
  • Safe Area: 61.25” x 150.47”


  • Design Templates: PDF AI | PSD
  • Full Bleed Size: 89” x 155”
  • Finished Size: 88.5” x 154.5”
  • Safe Area: 86.49” x 152.49”
Table Runners

If you're looking for a smaller option, check out our table runners that can be used over any existing table cover. Custom Table Runners can be used with or without a tablecloth, and are a narrower piece of cloth, covering only a portion of the surface.