About Our Materials

Find information and details about our most common materials and products. If you have any general questions, please visit our FAQ page or reach out to one of our customer service representatives by visiting our Contact page.

Corrugated Plastic

Our popular 4mm Corrugated plastic signs are the most economical option for yard signs. Under most circumstances they will last 12-18 months. This inexpensive option is great for any type of outdoor advertising. Printed with UV inks, these signs are fade resistant to sunlight and will retain their colors. We highly recommend selecting premium coating for the most vibrant colors and anti-scratch durability. They are compatible with our wire stakes and metal frames of the proper size. These are easy to display, lightweight to transport and are ideal for political signs, home service and contractor business signs, and often used for school or community events.

Aluminum- Most Popular!

Our most popular, aluminum signs are long lasting and durable. An upgrade from our corrugated plastic option. These are ideal for real estate agents or businesses that plan to use a metal frame to hold up their sign in a yard. Their weatherproof and rigid qualities allow versatility in all settings. Our .040 aluminum is comparable to the thickness of a dime and has rounded corners for safety and a professional appearance. You can also upgrade to even thicker .063 aluminum thickness for more durability. Aluminum will not rust. Printed with UV inks, our aluminum is fade resistant to protect from harmful sunlight and keep your signs vibrant! The aluminum is painted white and coated to minimize corrosion.

3M Reflective Aluminum

Our 3M official Reflective Aluminum has a high visibility reflective surface that meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs. We offer this in both .040 and .080 thickness. These are highly visible at night and are a great choice for signs that need to be noticed day and night such as a street address or parking signs. Reflective aluminum will not rust. Printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight.

Aluminum Composite / Alumacore

Aluminum Composite or Alumacore is composed of two pieces of .020 aluminum surrounding a piece of corrugated plastic. This material is both lightweight and strong. The sandwiched corrugated plastic acts as a cushion to help prevent denting. Printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight. Rustproof, waterproof, and rot proof. Stands up to environmental temp extremes (hot and cold). This is a good choice for any long term construction sites or business advertisements that need extra durability.


Our matte finish 3mm thick PVC foam board makes a perfect professional indoor sign. There are no fluting or corrugated lines on the PVC which makes it a more sophisticated, smooth looking sign for indoors. It cannot be used with a wire stake, but can be held with any sign easel or frame that fits the dimensions of the board.. These signs are very durable indoors and have the look and feel of quality, making them great for any kind of up close or indoor advertising or use at a personal event like weddings and baby showers. We do not recommend this for outdoor signage.


Our .040 Polystyrene has a matte finish on hard, thin, flexible plastic. It is a lightweight economic plastic material used primarily for indoor point of sale advertisement. This material is ideal for the customer seeking a cost effective solution for retail displays. This is recommended for indoor use. Printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight.

Foam Core (Oversized Checks)

This is a 3/16" White foam with paper laminate on both sides for short term sign needs. It’s one of our more fragile materials and is recommended for indoor use only. This is used for our oversized giant checks for events and offered in three sizes for other signage, 24”x 48”, 24"x 36" and 36"x 48”.

License Plates

Our custom license plates are printed on durable .025 aluminum material. The size of license plates is a standard 6”x12” inches to fit the mounts of license plates on most cars. Our custom plates are painted and coated white for digital printing to ensure the colors in your design are vibrant, beautiful, and long-lasting. We also offer an anti-scratch protective glossy coating which helps colors look even more vibrant and extends the life of your license plate. We print these with eco-friendly UV resistant inks to prevent fading from sun exposure.

Vinyl Banners

Our standard Vinyl Banners are made of 13 oz. vinyl. They have a matte finish and are great for distance advertising. These have a 1000 x 1000 Denier. The most popular Vinyl Banner size is 3ft x 8ft and 4ft x 8ft but we have a wide variety of sizes to choose from. These work indoors or outdoors, and are printed with UV resistant ink to prevent fading from sunlight.

Care & Installation - Our vinyl banners require little care or maintenance, rolling the banner when not in use will avoid creases. Store in a cool, dry place. Remove wrinkles by either steaming (leave in the bathroom w/ a hot shower running) or leaving out in the sun for a few hours. We offer a variety of hanging options for your banner including Grommets and ClearTabs, but we also offer them unfinished as well. When hanging outdoors, ensure banner is not tied too tight, use bungees if suspended in wind

Premium Vinyl Banners

Premium Vinyl Banners are made of 12 oz. smooth vinyl with a 300 x 300 denier and have a sheen surface.. Because of the smoother surface compared to our standard vinyl banner offering, we highly recommend premium banners for uses where the banner will be viewed up close instead of far away. It has a more professional look than our standard banners, and is the best option for uploaded art/photos to look great up close.. This lightweight material is easy to transport, and easy to display. Premium banners are printed with UV fade resistant inks.

Mesh Outdoor Banner

Mesh banners are made of 9 oz. 100% polyester material coated with PVC. Our mesh provides 70% print surface for excellent color accuracy, the other 30% provides holes to allow air flow, which makes it perfect for outdoor use such as hanging on a fence, or putting somewhere with windy weather conditions. These have a 1000 x 1000 Denier, are printed with UV inks to prevent fading, and are flame resistant. They also are much less likely to rip in extremely windy conditions than are vinyl banners because the mesh material allows air to travel through the banner. Mesh banners will come welded on the two longest sides.

Fabric Banners

Our machine-washable fabric banners are printed on strong 6.49 oz. polyester fabric material that is crease and wrinkle resistant. These are 100% polyester with a sheen, smooth surface. We think these banners look the most professional for indoor use. These are lightweight, easy to fold and easy to transport. Our highest quality print for indoor banners, and can be used outdoors as well. Like with any fabric, it is less water resistant than our vinyl banners which we recommend for outdoors instead. These come hemmed on all 4 sides with grommets.

Care & Installation - Machine wash in cold water, line dry ONLY.


Our 12 oz vinyl X-banner material has a smooth finish and is printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading. This is the same material and inks used on our retractable banners, but with a different hardware for display. Banners are grommeted to attach to the corners of the X-back hardware. The hardware is a lightweight fiberglass frame weighing only about 5 lbs and perfect for travel. Includes a carrying case. You can buy the hardware separately if needed on our banner stand accessory page.

Retractable Banners - A Customer Favorite!

Our 12 oz vinyl Retractable Banners have a smooth finish and are printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading. Product comes fully pre-assembled to the base that allows you to easily pull out the banner and display.. Single or Double-Sided options available, as well as multiple base options to select from. Zip-up travel carrying case included. 1000 x 1000 Denier.

Greyback Retractable Banners

Our 13 oz. PET GreyBack is a non-curling banner with a super smooth print surface and a grey back. It is ideal for high resolution printing. The grey back-side prevents light transparency and shadowing. Providing an overall professional look.. These are also printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading. Product comes fully pre-assembled to the base that allows you to easily pull out the banner and display. Zip-up travel carrying case included. 1000 x 1000 Denier.


Our posters are printed on 9 mil. photo-realistic poster paper using solvent based inks with a stunning color gamut. Our posters have a semi-gloss finish and are recyclable. They are water repellent, and can be used short term for outside use, but are recommended for inside use as they will last longer. Offered in both Horizontal & vertical formats and Vivid, full-color printing.

Bumper Sticker & Decals (Opaque)

Our bumper stickers are printed on durable water resistant 4-mil solid white vinyl with an adhesive backing ready to peel and apply to any surface. The background will be opaque white where there is no design (bumper stickers are not see-through). These are not re-usable once bonded to a surface.

Clear Decals

Clear decals are printed on durable water resistant 3-mil clear, transparent vinyl with a mild adhesive backing, ready to peel and apply. These can be used both indoors or outdoors. Be aware of tinted windows when choosing whether the decal should be applied from the inside to be viewed outside, as clear decals placed INSIDE a window to be viewed from the outside on tinted windows will be hard to see. For tinted windows, we highly recommend choosing a decal that applies on the outside with the adhesive on the backside of the print. The printed letters or graphics do not peel off from the clear vinyl, the entire size of the decal will apply as if it were a sticker to whatever surface you put it on.

If you are looking for a re-usable, repositionable window sticker, please opt for our Window Clings which apply via static electricity instead of an adhesive.

Static Clings

Our static cling decals are able to be applied and repositioned to a variety of smooth surfaces without any sticky adhesive. The soft, pliable, super smooth vinyl acts like a flat suction cup. They are reusable and can be removed and repositioned without damage or leaving a residue. Our static clings are printed on 8-mil solid clear, transparent vinyl. They are intended for indoor use. Works best on clean windows or glass without tint, be aware that clear decals placed INSIDE a window to be viewed from the outside on tinted windows will be hard to see.

Magnetic Signs

Our magnetic signs are removable and easy to re-position. The metal surface will need to contain iron for any magnet to work. Please ensure the metal surface you plan to apply this product to (car or otherwise) is magnetic. Our magnets have rounded corners for safety and a professional look. We offer two thicknesses of our magnetic signs.

-.030" (100 lbs/sq ft pull strength; recommended for indoor use only)

-.045" (133 lbs/sq ft pull strength; recommended for use on vehicles) Our .045 Magnetic signs are twice as thick as the industry standard, greatly reducing the risk that they will accidentally come off your vehicle. This is great for mobile advertising on vehicles or temporary advertising on all metal surfaces.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards are comprised of a PVC "A-frame" that have custom graphics either applied or attached to the front and back. For the graphics, we digitally print pieces of 36" x 24" Corrugated Plastic, and include velcro for attaching the corrugated plastic to the frame. The frame can also be filled with sand to prevent the signage from being blown about in windy conditions.

Jumbo Cards

Made of .030 Polystyrene, these Jumbo Cards have all the advantages of a greeting card but are HUGE.

Flags & Feather Flags

• Printed with UV Resistant Ink to Prevent Fading
• Outdoor Durable 3.24 oz. Polyester Material
• Machine Washable Polyester Fabric
• Lightweight & Easy to Transport