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Five Perfect Times to Create a Custom Banner


Special events banners are a great way to emphasize the importance of certain events. It is common for businesses to use custom banners to entice clients with discounts and new product offerings. But special events banners are also great for individual and group events throughout the year. Here are some perfect times to create a custom banner:

  • Sporting events that incorporate custom banners may help boost a team’s overall morale. Banners are especially effective during championship games when players look up to see a cheering audience and their team name on a big banner. Both the home team and the visiting team may create these banners.

  • Graduation is a day to celebrate years of hard work. Students usually take pictures in front of custom banners that say “Class of 20xx”. It provides a fond memory they can look back on for years to come. BuildASign offers a whole section of graduation banners, which can all be customized with school colors, symbols, and special wording.

  • Grand openings attract more attention and sales when there are large, visible banners both on the interior and exterior of the establishment. Custom banners at grand openings are even more useful in cold or wet weather conditions because it alerts people to check out the event.

  • Using a custom banner at a fundraising event increases awareness and attracts attention in order to raise more money for a cause – whether that means selling cupcakes, washing cars, or a raffle. If the fundraising event is indoors, creating an attractive banner with relevant details is important to compel people to come inside and participate. Special events banners are a smart investment for fundraisers.

  • Birthdays, especially milestone birthdays, warrant a custom banner! Parents of young children can create a personalized banner that is colorful and fun. Those who are hosting a birthday party for a friend or loved one in their older years may use the customizable option on BuildASign to include special keywords, graphics, and text.