Hanging and Maintaining Your Banner

Outdoor Displays
Outdoor banners are an excellent way to get people's attention. Follow these tips to get your banner up in a few simple steps.

One of the easiest ways to display your customized banners is to hang them using bungee cables. Bungees quickly attach to your vinyl banners' grommet holes and can stretch to wrap around poles and columns. We recommend the use of bungee cables as they allow for a small amount of give in the wind and are easy to use. In order to hang your banner, secure the banner using bungee cords at all four corners of the banner to the poles or objects you are hanging it from.

If the location where you want to get your message across is lined with a chain link fence you can use it to your advantage. All you need are some extra strength zip ties to secure the vinyl to the fence. Make sure you are using heavy duty zip ties especially if you live in windy areas.

You may run across a situation where the ideal location for your outdoor banners lacks a building or fence to hang it on. In these situations, you can utilize Tee Posts which are steel posts that are driven into the ground. Once you drive these posts into the ground, you can hang your banner with bungee cords.

Another option for outdoor advertising with custom vinyl banners is to use giant outdoor banner displays. These are the perfect way to drive traffic into your business. Placing one of these giant banner displays near the entrance to your businesses parking lot can effectively alert customers of any sales or promotions you may be running.

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Indoor Display
For permanent indoor displays, you can wall mount your banner using screws and washers. Identify a space that will allow you to insert screws into your wall, hold the banner against the wall and mark where the grommets are located. Drill a hole at each of your marks, then place a washer behind each grommet and insert a screw through the grommet, the washer, and into the wall.

For less permanent display methods, you can use snap kits to hang the banner from the ceiling, suction cups to display it in a window, or our portable tri-stand to display it at eye level with the customers on your sales floor.

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Maintaining Your Banner
With proper care, your banner could last much longer than three years. Simply follow these instructions:

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