Realtors' Guide to a Successful Open House

Realtors face many challenges when trying to put together a great open house. Whether it is designing a great real estate yard sign or attracting the right people, this guide will help you through the process.

Make sure to start planning for your open house at least one month ahead of the scheduled event. This will ensure you have ample time to organize everything involved. Sundays have long been the most popular day to hold open houses but make sure to be aware of current trends and schedules in your local market. For example, buyers seeking an urban loft might prefer an open house during a weekday evening. Once a date is set for the event, make sure you send out an invitation or email to any prospective buyers reminding them to keep the date open.

One of the best ways to attract people to your open house on the day of the event is to have open house yard signs outside the event. Make sure to include the name of your real estate company, your phone number, email, website and other important info on each realtor sign (see our guide on getting the most out of your real estate signs). Advertise any special amenities or list your contact info on your real estate sign riders. You might consider connecting balloons to your sign frames to draw even more attention to your open house. To attract traffic from outside the neighborhood, place some open house signs in the busiest intersections pointing people to your open house. Use directional signs to lead perspective buyers in the right direction from the entrance of the neighborhood.

Before the event starts, make sure the house has been cleaned and consider providing a small snack such as cookies and coffee. Put out candles or fresh flowers to make the house welcoming and pleasant. Organize any handouts and business cards you may have in a convenient place where buyers can easily pick which handouts they would like.

Possible handouts at the open house could include:
  • Color photographs of the house
  • Copy of the Property Listing
  • Comprehensive list of amenities
  • Any characteristics that the seller improved since moving in, with the cost and date they were added
  • Proof of any inspections made on the house within the past year
  • List of schools in the district

Don't forget to leave a registration or guest book for them to fill out with their name and email and any comments they might have, so you can get helpful feedback and can follow up.

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