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Custom License Plates

Give Your Vehicle a Personality with Personalized License Plates

Custom plates are a unique and fun way to advertise your business whether you are using them for a car dealership or auto shop or just putting your website on your vehicle to advertise on the go.

We also have thousands of customers who customize license plates just for novelty to express themselves or share a message. Your car is an extension of your personality and taste. It defines you and is personal to you, so it makes sense that you want to distinguish it.

Here’s some benefits of purchasing your personalized license plate through BuildASign.

Durable Aluminum

Our custom license plates are printed on .025 aluminum material, with the option to upgrade to a thicker and stronger .063 Aluminum material option. The size of our license plates is a standard 6”x12” inches to fit the mounts of license plates on most vehicles. For additional durability, we recommend adding on our license plate frame ToughShield Kit to further protect your plate from the elements. We will give you the option to add the frame, and stronger aluminum, before checkout, after you finish designing your product.

Vibrant Colors

Our custom plates are painted and coated white for digital printing to ensure the colors in your design are vibrant, beautiful, and long-lasting. We also offer an anti-scratch protective glossy coating which helps colors look even more vibrant and extends the life of your license plate.


We only use high-quality recyclable aluminum to make these license plates, a great way to add some style to your car without increasing your carbon footprint.

Professional Manufacturing

Highly-skilled professionals create our personalized and unique license plates to meet your expectations. Our immensely-qualified experts make sure to design and manufacture the license plate in a way that best suits your requirements.

Weather and Fade Resistance

We print your custom license plate with eco-friendly UV resistant inks to prevent fading from sun exposure. We highly recommend upgrading to our anti-scratch protective glossy coating which will both increase the vibrancy of the colors on your personalized license plate as well as help prevent scratches from road debris.

Quick Delivery

With our fast and efficient delivery channels, you can receive your customized license plates within one to two business days if you need.


Care & Installation


Roads can be dirty, but our custom plates are easy to clean so make sure to clean your plate on a regular basis to keep it looking beautiful. License plates are often overlooked while cleaning. And though it might not require much of our attention, there are specific ways to clean it. Using warm soapy water to wash it and cleaning the sides and corners of it with a soft-bristled brush. This is the perfect way to give your license plate the glamour it starts missing after a trip on the road.


The installation of your customized license plate is relatively simple. Using a screwdriver to nail the license plate into the license-plate mount will do the job for you. We recommend purchasing our inexpensive license plate frame ToughShield Kit to further protect your plate from the elements.