Choosing the Right Colors and Fonts for your Custom Signs

To design yard signs that look great it is important to select colors and fonts that are easy to read and consistent with the message that you are trying to convey. An effective combination of colors and fonts will also create a cohesive message. Here are some tips on how to use colors and fonts to create a great custom signage.

Understand where your custom signs will be displayed and design accordingly.
Different color combinations can produce a variety of different effects and should match your audience. Investigate the distance and speed at which potential customers will be viewing your signs. If your custom signage is going to be seen mainly by people driving by in their cars, it is critical to make your marketing message eye-catching and easy to read. For example, business yard signs typically targets fast-moving vehicular traffic. Grabbing the attention of prospective customers with strong colors, large text and a clear message about your company is one way of making the most out of this type of audience.

Make it readable.
To maximize the readability of your business yard sign, use bold contrasting colors. The most visible color combinations for advertising yard signs are black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, and white on blue, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Featuring important information, like your phone number, in a different color from the rest will increase reader retention by 78%, according to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Don't go overboard with additional colors however, as too many colors can distract from your message.

Keep it simple.
Design signs that are consistent with your business goals. Try not to get carried away with fonts that don't mix well with other business materials. Though it may be tempting to use extravagant fonts to spice up your custom signage, fancy fonts can distract from your marketing message and make your signs jumbled and confusing. Adding too many words when advertising with yard signs can also distract viewers.

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